Digital Electoral Campaign

This application for mobile devices aims to spread information regarding the electoral campaign of a political party for city hall elections.

Some of the main information available is related to the candidates and the application program, through information in text and video format. It will be possible to consult all the information related to each of the candidates, namely their political background, their curriculum and their political proposals.

In addition to this information, it will also be possible for the political party to make announcements, publicize events, expose testimonies, disseminate the ideas of its supporters and make the campaign's agenda known to the public.

One of the features of this application allows users to send ideas and contributions to the political party using a form for messages.

With this application, voters will have quick and real-time access to all the information released by the political party, allowing them to get to know in depth all the ideas of the electoral program and respective events.

In this case, it is a demonstration application, so that the interested parties can understand its generic way of functioning, and can then customize features according to the client's interests.

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